role model

My mum is a nice,caring and kind person. My mum is a big part of my life. She helps me when I am stuck with something and she makes me happy. She has a big heart.when I am sad or worried she helps me and solves the problem. Since I was born she has been caring.


Recognising that some units of measurement are better suited for some tasks than others, for example kilometres rather than metres to measure the distance between two towns.


To measure a book you would use cm rather than metres because a book wouldn’t be as big as metres.

Town to Town:

To measure town to town,you would rather use km than metres because metres will take to long.


To measure a room use metres rather than cm because it will take to long

Investigating alternative measures of scale to demonstrate that these vary between countries and change over time, for example temperature measurement in Australia, Indonesia, Japan and USA.

Calculate the perimeter and area of rectangles using familiar metric units
Construct an object using MAB – investigate the perimeter and area. How do these relate to its dimensions.

Women in Anzacs

Lo: we are learning to critically respond to a range of information

Sc we will be successful when:

-we can understand different point of view

-we can form our opinion

-we can connect the past to our present


Women in ANZC made the food for the soldiers and nursed them. Many women were involved as nurses and service duties. For centuries women have been involved in war. Australian nurses have dealt with face to face with war- the sick, the wounded and the dead. They have been in the war zone across the world and on hospital ships and transport.


Big idea

essential question

Why is the first fleet so important and how is it changed Australia?

The first fleet was important because it brought European settlers to Australia. The ship of the fist fleet bought the original convict settlers, together with offices, marine and their family. The Europeans took over the land and now they are Australia. These people first occupied in Australia.

Secondary Question

What is the first fleet

The first fleet went to Australia NSW and there was more than 1400 people and 70 kids on the boat. Aboriginal were already living on the land. Captain Arthur Phillip was the leader. The first fleet happened in 1788. There was 2 naval ship, 6 convict ship and 3 supply ship. It sailed from Great Britain to Australia. They arrived to Australia from 18-20 of December 1788

Names of the 11 ship

Convict transport:




-lady penbryn

-prince of whales


Naval escort:

-HMS sinus

HMS supply

food and supply transport:

– golden grove

– fish burn

– borrow dale





Women in ANZAC
women in Anzac made then food and nursed the hurt people, many women where also actively involved as nurses and in other active service duties, other Australian women were also closely connected with war through male relatives and friends away on military service. Australian nurses have dealt with war- the sick,the wounded and the dead. They have been in war zone and on hospital ships and transport.

Math reflection

1. I Have achieved on prime numbers,square numbers and cubed numbers.

2. I attended a workshop on the base 10 system.

3.Sienna taught Me how to do triangular numbers. goal for next week is triangular numbers and base 10 system with Tianni.

5. I will achieve my goals by doing a show me or a workshop.

Big idea

1788 First fleet

There was 11 ships that stopped at Great Britain and stopped in Australia,NSW.There was 2 naval ships, 6 convict ships and 3 supply ships. Aboriginal people were already living on the land. Some of the ships name are Alexander,Friendship,Lady Penbrya,Prince of whales and Scarborough.There were more than 1400 people on the  ship and about 70 kids were on the boats.

1790  Second fleet

5 of 6 ships arrived. There was 1 Royal Navy escort, 4 convict ships and 1 supply ships.

1791 Third fleet

The first ship of the Third fleet arrived at Sydney Cove.There was over 2000 convict ships.

1854 gold rush

In 1854 immigrants from all over the world came to Australia for gold.


Tasmania was first named Van



Reflection on cyber/bullying

What I learned today was that If you are get cyber/bullied,tell an trusted adult immediately. If somebody is getting bullied, don’t just stand there.Don’t send your personal information to people you don’t know.Make sure your privacy setting is on high.
Make sure you. Password for anything is strong.