St Emily De Vialar

Name: Anne Margurite Emily De Vialar

Birth: 1797 in Gallic, France

Death: 1856

Feast day: June 17

Why I chose Emily De Vialar:

I chose her because she is nice and cares for the kids who are sick and needed for help.

She was the eldest child and only daughter of Baron James Augustine De Vialar and his wife Antoniette. For 15 years, she helped the neglected children whose mother and father left them. She was educated in Paris and returned home when she was 15 after her mother’s death. Life with her father was difficult especially when she did not want to marry and her father went to far and threw a wine cup at her. In 1832, when she was 35,Emily’s grandfather left her his money. With the money, she bought a large house in Gaillac, she and three companions began the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition.They dedicated themselves to care for the kids who are sick and needed for help and to the education of  the kids.

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